Exploring Web3 Ticketing

Friends with Benefits is on the path to becoming the ultimate cultural membership in Web3.

Powered by a community with a diverse set of expertise, FWB has begun to organize and incentivize its members to form structured teams and build products and experiences for the community, by the community.

You can read more about how the community is organizing itself here.

With Season 3, our Product Team has been rapidly expanding the product ecosystem beyond Discord - starting with one of our first DAO products.

Ever since FWB’s inaugural in-person event at BTC Miami back in May, we’ve been focused on expanding our tokenized membership to mean more than just access to online spaces.

Here at FWB, we believe our coordination is bound together through digital channels to generate meaningful experiences in the physical world.

Now introducing FWB Gatekeeper™ - a web3 solution for the token gating IRL events experiences – debuting at FWB Paris to kick off EthCC.

How it Works

  • Token holders RSVP through a web3 gated webpage to verify the correct token threshold amount.

  • After the correct token type and amount is verified, the signer is assigned a ticket confirming their registration with an active QR code that links to their on-chain address

  • Once the ticket holder arrives onsite at the event, event organizer uses the FWB Gatekeeper mobile app to scan the QR code and verify that the ticket holder is still holding the correct token type and amount.

  • Event organizer then “admits” ticket holder and their attendance at the event, collecting web3 addresses for follow ups such as proof of attendance, airdrops, and data visualization.

GateKeeper in action!
GateKeeper in action!

The implications this holds for the FWB community – and tokenized communities at large – is quite exciting as we begin to scale our global events strategy and introduce this system as a means for members to organize events with shared token gated acccess points in a decentralized fashion.

Community managers can token gate access and create actual in-person benefits for their members. Events take on a completely different set of social mechanics and incentives as a majority of its participants share the commonality of being a token holder. Post event airdrops and rewards will become commonplace as attendees can now be linked with on-chain credentials.

While there are a number of web3 tools growing around permissioned access to digital content - like CollabLand and MintGate - we believe Gatekeeper is the first to be applied to in-person events.

In the coming weeks, we plan on introducing more documentation and strategies following the launch of this product. If you are a DAO or an organizer and would like to experiment with Gatekeeper, please reach out to hello@fwb.help or say hello in Discord.

Thank you to Parker, Benoit, and Ian, and the entire Ledger team for your support in making the FWB Paris event possible, and for challenging us to think bigger.

Shipped by Bodge, Dexter and Zhang.

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