FWB Pulse - Dashboard for DAOs

Friends with Benefits is becoming the ultimate cultural membership in Web3.

Over the last three months, FWB has begun to mobilized its community into focused teams to build products and experiences for the community.

You can read more about how the community is organizing itself here.

Central to the success of this coordination is information organization, single sources of truth that the community can turn to and rally behind.

Now introducing FWB Pulse™ - the real-time FWB dashboard to locate resources, track community-wide projects, and visualize metrics.

What's Inside

With FWB Pulse, you can stay up on:

  • Brand Guidelines and Assets
  • Community communications
  • The #announcements channel
  • Latest edition of TL;DR newsletter
  • Snapshot votes
  • IRL + URL event calendar
  • Project timelines
  • Ways to get involved
  • Message counts, membership count, and token price.

All in real time, and optimized for the speed of Web3.

FWB is lucky to have such an engaged community, but with Discord’s synchronous nature, important information often slips through the cracks.

We want Pulse to serve as the go-to resource for members and non-members alike - giving you one place to stay up with everything FWB in a few minutes or less.

This is just the start, and we hope the community continues to request and add more resources as we grow.

If you’re an FWB member and would like to help expand Pulse™, please apply to the product team via #get-involved and let us know.

Shipped by:
FWB Product Team

  • Mike Bodge (@deleteyourself)
  • Dexter Tortoriello (@hospitaltapes)
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