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Friends With Benefits
June 2nd, 2021

During the pandemic, Friends with Benefits became an online nexus for thinkers and creators who thrive at the intersection of crypto and culture.

As we forged heartening bonds and shared in squad resilience, we patiently awaited the opportunity to reconvene face-to-face.

And now, for the first time ever, FWB is going IRL.

As we make our way to BTC Miami Week, the URL friendships formed over the last six months will transcend the Discord and take their talents to South Beach.

Here are some ways that our token holders and community will be gathering over the next few days.

BTC Miami Week Events Calendar

Stay up on all the best events taking place around the conference in Miami this week. We took to Twitter and crowdsourced everything from social token mixers and venture-backed club parties to FWB’s first token-gated IRL party.

FWB Miami City Guide

New to Miami? We got you. Been coming to Miami for years? We still got you. Explore FWB’s community-curated city guide, featuring our favorite hidden gems, outdoor cafes, coffee stops, and record shops.
10 $FWB tokens to view
Built by @mikebodge
Curated by


FWB will be hosting an intimate rager in partnership with SuperRare. We've locked down the very cozy (150 capacity...) Floyd Miami for a hell of a lineup that celebrates experimentation and the spirit of Miami alike.
60 $FWB tokens to RSVP

Space is limited, and priority access will be given to community members.

We're excited to welcome you to ALL TIME HIGH, featuring:

Yves Tumor (DJ Set) [Turin/LA]

instagram | soundcloud

Jubilee [Miami/Brooklyn]

instagram |soundcloud

Nick León [Miami]

instagram | soundcloud

Sister System [Miami]

instagram | soundcloud

(...And maybe some special guests, too?)


We partnered with @panthermodern and SuperRare to expedite onboarding and mint the official FWB ALL TIME HIGH poster as an NFT, now live for bidding.

The owner of the FWB ALL TIME HIGH NFT, titled BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE, will receive bottle service, a table at FLOYD MIAMI, +6 on the guest list, and be the proud owner of FWB’s first IRL party poster.

The auction will end at noon PST on Thursday, June 3rd to give the organizers and winning party time to coordinate for the event.


Miami marks the first major glimpse at the ongoing role FWB will play at cultural events around the world.

We hope this suite of offerings sets the tone for what it means to be a part of a cultural membership like FWB, and we look forward to carrying many of these token-gated campaigns and events over to future conferences to come.

Until then, we wish all of our friends a safe trip and we look forward to seeing you there!

With love,

  • r_, Zhang, Ariel & Coopah

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